Move over Stephanie Plum!
"Dawn is a brilliantly funny writer who has crafted a hilarious cozy mystery novel set in River Oaks, Houston, Texas." 
~ S. Penny

If you like the Grandma Mazur in Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series, you'll love Hot Chocolate. The characters are all quirky and funny, and, when you aren't laughing out loud, you'll be smiling. I've read Hot Chocolate, and I want more hot books from Dawn Ireland, so I can laugh some more! -- By Laura V. Arzola

Dawn is a brilliantly funny writer who has crafted a hilarious cozy mystery novel set in River Oaks, Houston, Texas. It is filled with quirky, eccentric characters involved in murder and chocolate. Whodunnit? You've never had so much fun finding out. -- By Sandy Penny "WritingMuse"

This is the most entertaining book I have read in years! Once I started reading it was hard to put it down -- had to see what would happen next. The characters are funny and very interesting -- quirky Texas millionairesThe plot is not only gripping but funny. -- By Bigan

I kept getting hungry because of the lavish descriptions of food... I thought, these people love to eat. Lila Mae even describes how she makes a treat for Louie the dog. The thing that kept it rolling was the little mysteries inside of the bigger mystery. -- By Delmore

Reading Hot Chocolate is like watching a Woody Allen movie - even the minor characters are quirky and wonderful. The story is a fast-paced whodunit with fun descriptions and an underlying astrology theme. -- By M. Stautberg

How Janet Evanovich changed my life -- Everything had been going gung ho from 2000-2002. My new dog book (The Puppy Baby Book) just launched and won an IPPY award shortly after publication.

Artistic Origins, my technical writing business, was thriving with contracts/work, and I was renovating my new house. While that part of my life was great, my dating life was non-existent. It had been six (6) years since I even HAD a date. That is not a typo.

I guess there is a reason for some things and we just have to wait until the veil lifts to see clearly.

You are most likely sitting there wondering what on earth does this has to do with Janet Evanovich, but I promise you, it is coming. Bear with me.

A guy roared into my life in early 2002 and swept me off my feet. I was blindsided. I ended up selling my house, moving out of state and living an idyllic lifestyle for one year. At that point, the great grandfather of all disasters struck. I should have asked way more questions than I did prior to moving, but I did not. Oh well...

Toward the end of summer in 2003, you-know-what hit the fan. I am talking beyond bucketfuls - it was clearly by the dump truck-full. In a nutshell, within minutes on that fateful day I was not only destitute, but had nowhere to go. I was homeless! Good friends back in Houston took up a collection so I could move back home.

Then even MORE you-know-what hit the fan. I couldn't find work. It seems that while I was off lolly-gagging in my new princess lifestyle, technical writing had been outsourced overseas.

If that isn't enough, like rubbing a raw onion into an oozing sore, I had to hire an attorney to handle the nightmare legal mess, which had me living in fear.
And because all those jobs were outsourced, I did not work for the remainder of 2003 through 2005. My resume went around the country and around the globe with little or no response. I lived off credit cards and the charity of friends and family.

My brain was frozen and I could not write one word. Total creative shut down for months.

Then, someone gave me a battered copy of One for the Money by Janet Evanovich. I read that paperback overnight.

O M G! That book changed my life!

I loved Stephanie Plum. What a sassy, wild and crazy gal! I loved Lula! I loved Morelli. I loved Ranger. I loved Grandma Mazur. I loved all the wacky characters that poured out of Janet Evanovichs head.

Then, one night I had a crazy dream about this wealthy woman named Lila Mae Alcott whose family was rich out the wazoo from their chocolate empire.
I must have had a hot fudge sundae or something before bedtime for that to end up in my head.

Hence, my mystery novel Hot Chocolate was born. And my characters are so sassy and outrageous, but unlike Stephanie Plum, these gals are middle-aged wealthy women from Houston's elite River Oaks!

Janet uplifted me. Those characters were in my brain cells. I started writing again.

Work came through. A gigantic technical writing project dropped into my lap. I could hardly believe my good fortune.

Over the next two years I bought every Stephanie Plum book that I could get my hands on.

So - many, many thanks to Janet Evanovich! Janet taught me so much about writing and characters. I love her. I hope I get to meet her in person one of these days!
Chocolate, mystery, and murder...what else could a reader want from a book? Well, Dawn Ireland delivers that and more in her most recent book, Hot Chocolate. Centering on the Alcott daughters, heiresses to the Alcott Chocolate fortune, Hot Chocolate begins as the sisters agree to move their 92-year-old father to a senior assisted living facility. They also agree to fire his nurse, Bambi, who resembles a hooker more than a caregiver. While Bambi departs without a fuss and graciously accepts her severance package, her husband, Jimmy Ray, does not go so quietly.

Demanding they sue the Alcott family, Jimmy Ray believes they have a slam-dunk case. However, the judge sees through their greed and quickly dismisses the frivolous suit. While the Alcotts celebrate their good fortune, some mysterious individual murders Jimmy Ray at his bowling alley. Bambi deals with her grief, and the Alcott sisters try to digest the latest discovery in Jimmy Ray's murder: the murder weapon was a prized fork belonging to Dorothea Alcott.

As the murderer's identity comes closer to being revealed, the reader is kept guessing along with the Alcotts at what will happen next. All the while, delicious dishes, such as Lila Mae's famous café mocha and Amelia's (Lila Mae's housekeeper) chicken and corn gumbo, make appearances at pivotal moments in the plot. Ireland cleverly places all of these yummy recipes at the end of Hot Chocolate so that the reader can fully immerse themselves in the interesting world of the Alcotts. Certain to not disappoint, the Alcott sisters act as any siblings would: fighting, joking, and working together, with unique personalities and quirks. The mystery of Jimmy Rae's murder will keep you guessing until the very end and certainly will provide laughs and gasps along the way.

Snippets from the book:

"Are you going for the "I'm sixty-six and have Alzheimer's so I won't remember this ensemble tomorrow' look?" Lila Mae threw at her older sister.

"That beauty queen title was forty-plus years ago, Lila Mae. You are no longer classified as a 'girl.' You qualify for all of the senior citizen discounts, which you refuse, I might add," Madge heckled.

"Madge, our baby sister is a middle-aged woman who doesn't give a rat's tail about anyone else's feelings. At last count, she had a staff of twelve, including the two alternating nurses. I think she can quit the hand-wringing and make her bridge club without missing a beat," Lila Mae fumed.

"The girls," as Walter was fond of referring to the three Alcott sisters, were icily keeping their distance from one another.

Dorothea's caramel-colored Bentley pulled up to the five-car garage alongside the ten-thousand, four-hundred square-foot mansion.

...she arrived at the second floor landing, Dorothea was greeted with a distasteful and horrific sight: rear cleavage - the butt crack peering out of a pair of very wide jeans. "Let me be either need to wear underwear, or secure your shirt inside your pants with a good-fitting belt," Dorothea broiled.

"Giant plops of cow poop's getting ready to hit the fan." Lila Mae said.

The gang arrived at Dorothea's like a motorcade - three Bentleys followed by a Mercedes, a Cadillac, a Lexus, and a Volvo. Car doors opened and shut.

"So, people drink at happy hour," Madge insisted. She turned in her seat to Amelia. "What do you think, Amelia? Is this enough of a situation to warrant a drink?"

"I say we get wasted," Amelia said.

About the Author

Dawn Ireland is the CEO of Artistic Origins Inc, 
a 100% woman-owned publishing company that 
has been doing business since 1995. She's the 
award winning author of The Puppy Baby Book 
and Mastering Your Money.

Originally from Feeding Hills, MA, Dawn migrated 
to San Antonio in 1968, then when her first son was 
one year old (1971) her family moved to Houston 
where work was more plentiful.

Dawn is the co-author of the animated screenplay Memoirs of a Dog (with Barbara Mackey) which won the Spirit Award of the Moondance Film Festival (children's category) 9/2011. Her dark comedy Plan B was a finalist in the Table Read My Screenplay script competition in 2010Mastering Your Money won the New England Book Festival eBook category in 12/2008Melody, A Girl and Her Dog, and Passage were finalists in the Worldfest Int'l Film Festival Script Competition in 2005.

The Puppy Baby Book was proclaimed a finalist in the prestigious IPPY book competition (2001) less than 90 days after publication.

And years before any of these successes, Standing Dead won the Women in Film and Television (Houston Chapter) screenplay award in 12/99.

So many people have asked what she did to win the awards and get so many 5-star reviews on Amazon that she took action: like a good technical writer she wrote a set of instructions. Using PowerPoint creating 177 narrated slides titled How to Publish an Award-Winning Book. This is every writer's personal guide for creating the best book or report without overlooking critical details.

Dawn has been a member and benefactor of Women in Film and Television (Houston) for decades. Her day job is Sr. Technical Writer for an oil company.
"Reading Hot Chocolate is like watching a Woody Allen movie..."

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Gerry Hopman is a Humorist, Humor Motivational Speaker and Author, who believes that humor and laughter are essential to finding and maintaining balance in life and career.       

Double award-winning audiobook, Journey Through Pet Loss by Deborah Antinori features her original poetry that has been requested at pet loss memorial events and featured at national conferences.  "Everything Important to Know in Life, I Learned From My Dog" is the gift poem - never before released in print.  Also, a listing of helpful Tips for Coping with Pet Loss will be included in the gift - a must for those anticipating or experiencing a loss.

Deborah Antinori has been a psychotherapist in private practice for twenty years  - The Davison Counseling Center in Basking Ridge, NJ.  She added the Pet Loss and Lifespan Transitions specialty to her practice in 1997.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Brainspotting Therapist who is also a National Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist – Fellow: Certified in Pesso/Boyden System Psychomotor Therapist and in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing); Registered Drama Therapist; and Fellow in Thanatology (by the Association for Death Education and Counseling).  Deborah’s critically acclaimed audiobook, Journey Through Pet Loss, which she wrote, produced and narrated, won an Audie Award from the Audio Publishers Association and a Book of the Year Award from ForeWord Magazine.

Deborah Antinori
Pet Loss poem from the award-winning audiobook,
 Journey Through Pet Loss, and Tips for Coping with Pet Loss
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for Coordinating this Launch
Betty Jo Tucker
Excerpt from Confessions of a Movie Addict

Following on the heels of the best-selling book, The Truth, SECRETS, by Dr. Holstein, is the fictional diary of a girl moving into her teen-age years. The Girl has plenty to fill her journal, including worries about a new school, a new crush, and a new baby in the house. Share the secret world of a kid growing up with your daughter, granddaughter or just enjoy her thoughts and feelings as they bring you back to another part of your own life!

At last, a life story with everything but the movie stuff edited out. CONFESSIONS OF A MOVIE ADDICT chronicles Betty Jo's love affair with film from the 1930s through the beginning of the new millennium. Complete with a section featuring entertaining film reviews and revealing celebrity interviews, this humorous memoir is a must-read for movie fans!

Jane Bernard
Am I Really Hungry?
Christa Jan Ryan
Chapter from Silent Screams from the Hamptons

Am I Really Hungry? reveals how to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not. The book reveals 10 tools that end the diet nightmare for good. Based on interviews and observation, this new book talks about eating hot buttons from the dieter's perspective while revealing and explaining how intuitive eaters depend on real tools to stay in control of their eating.

Jane is a regular on The Montel Show talking about intuition. Her first book, Fine Tuning is designed to help people recognize and tune in to their intuition. It can be opened to any page for a sound-bite of insight. Jane's savvy helps people connect with clarity to make empowering Life choices by using their senses with intuition and experience.

Because Jane Bernard is the expert to talk to about intuition, she was asked to write a book about intuitive eating.

Christa Jan Ryan’s current book, Silent Screams from the Hamptons, is a memoir set in the fabulous Hamptons. Interwoven throughout the book are events from her marriage and the ever-present shadow of her improbable family of origin. Her unique style of attacking profound issues with humor, makes for a compelling read. Today, Christa reaches families and women overcoming addiction and abuse through her dramatic readings and presentations. She supports organizations that fight Domestic Violence. One of her partners is WaDt.

Ryan has been honored with both the Award of Courage from in Atlanta, GA and the Award of Hope from the Center of Family Service in Camden, New Jersey. Ryan currently lives with her two sons and two cats in Western MA, where her writing provides a renewed sense of purpose.

Denise Cassino
8 Keys to Your #1 Bestseller
​​Free Report from Glamour Magazine's Woman of the Year, Kathy Noll -- based on the award-winning book, "Taking the Bully by the Horns" National Awards for helping schools, educators, parents and children "Empower Those in Need, Make the World a Better Place, and Save Children's Lives."
​A practical, step-by-step prosperity program Filled with timeless wisdom. Written in 1910…A Classic! The Science of Getting Rich is a brilliant 90-year-old manuscript. The Science of Getting Rich applies equally to all WOMEN and Men. Introduction by Maureen G. Mulvaney, MGM, Author of THE WOMEN’S MILLIONAIRE CLUB 
Angela Artemis
7 Days to Sharper Intuition
Sherry Gaba
Take the Love Addiction Quiz
R​obin Charlsen
30 day Free Twitter Building w/90 Day Commitment

Bill Dueease

Becky Curran
How to Overcome Any Disability in Life

Russell Bittner
Chapters from his novel, Trompe L'oeil

Take my quick quiz to see if you are a love addict. Love addiction causes a lot of emotional pain and leads to the inability to have healthy, loving, long-lasting relationships. Just note on a pad or paper your answers to these questions. Then send me your name and email to get your results. You'll also receive my monthly newsletter and, as a free gift to you for taking the quiz, I am giving you my e-book, Filling the Empty Heart: 5 Keys to Transforming Love Addiction.

My wish for you is that you have the healthy, loving, successful relationships you so deserve.

Sherry Gaba is a Life Coach and Psychotherapist on Celebrity Rehab, Sober House, and Celebrity Rehab's Sex Addiction with Dr. Drew on VH1 specializing in individual, couples, family, and group psychotherapy and maintains a private practice in Agoura, CA With over fifteen years of experience as a clinician, and a graduate of USC specializing in addictions, eating disorders, parenting, single parenting, divorce, and life coaching, she is currently serving as a private practitioner working with a broad spectrum of clients.. Sherry Gaba, has presented at National conferences and to general audiences on numerous topics. Sherry Gaba is a practical, interactive, solution-focused therapist.

Want to jump into the social networking world, but don't really "get" twitter. Let me help you. I'll build your following with targeted followers and send them a direct message each time they follow back. You'll see your list grow and we'll drive traffic to your website, book or products. Don't wait, it's all happening with or without you. Take advantage of the greatest free marketing tool every invented!

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By attending our teleclasses you will learn how the life coaching process works. You will gain more clarity and confidence to decide whether the life coaching process will be best for you to accomplish your life, and business goals.

In 2000, Bill chose to hire his own coach to help him take control of his life. Even though he was strongly connected within the coaching industry, having been in charge of membership development of the International Coaching Federation, (ICF) it took him 6 months and 28 coaches before he chose Thom Politico as his coach, because Thom was the first and only coach who asked Bill for his coachable goal before he would begin coaching. Through coaching with Thom, Bill rediscovered his five core ingredients and created his new ideal income position as the cofounder of The Coach Connection, (TCC) which he started in June of 2001. This remarkable exercise of working with Thom is described in the book. Bill turned his life around and once again was able to go to play every day and get to call it work. Now he offers the same life changing information to you!
Twenty seven years ago, I was born an achondroplastic dwarf. This means that I have an average height torso but shorter arms and legs. I stand 4 feet tall. Every day I’m forced to adapt to the “average” height world that we live in. Whether it’s using a stool or pedal extensions for driving, I figure out a way to make it work. 

Dwarfism is a recognized condition under the Americans with Disabilities Act, but a large number of people with disabilities will tell you that they wouldn’t change anything except for how the world reacts to their disability. What I've learned in life is that the real disability can only be found inside.  This paper includes many tips on how to get through life with any disability!

Why would a woman entering middle age--attractive, sexy, articulate, imaginative, intelligent, charming, charismatic, wealthy and successful in almost every aspect of her life--knowingly give up the only thing missing from that life: namely, love? And love with a younger man she meets serendipitously not once, but three times--and whose appreciation of her quickly grows from mere physical attraction to adoration and then to obsession? The riddle from start to finish is perhaps to be found in the word "knowingly." The answer to that riddle? Revealed only in the final chapter of this erotic novel..
​Discover how to experience the transforming fire of Unconditional Love that heals emotional wounds, dispels fear, comforts, fills and satisfies the deep longing of the soul from the inside out...

Alicia Isaacs writes practical life-changing inspirational thoughts, insights, steps and tips gleaned from personal experience and observation. She shares profound spiritual wisdom in very simplistic but thought-provoking terms. Her article, Creating Miracles – the Process, was featured in the Black Star News.
"The Art of Singing: Discovering and Developing Your True Voice" has been hearalded as a breakthrough in the psychology of personal and musical performance. Here, you can read the entire first chapter, yours free as a bonus gift!

Jennifer Hamady, MA, is a voice and performance coach specializing in emotional issues that interfere with optimal self-expression. Based in New York City, Jennifer works in private practice with musicians and non-musicians to discover, develop and confidently release their best personal, professional and performance potential. Her clients include Grammy, CMA, Emmy, and Tony award-winners, as well as corporate clients across an array of industries.

Jennifer is the author of "The Art of Singing" and conducts workshops and lectures frequently around the world on matters of creative expression. She also writes regularly for The Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and

As a Certified Professional Coach I work with people who are single or in relationship transitions that dream of finding their Soulmate, but keep ending up with the wrong person. I have a special gift for helping others get a clear picture of what they really want in a mate, as well as knowing themselves at a deeper level. This gives them more confidence and certainty when dating or talking to potential partners so they don’t continue to waste time on someone who isn’t right for them. For my clients this means, they get find the right person right away, and stop the heartache that comes from being in unhealthy relationships. Are you someone who has had a case of “bad” relationships, and is ready to stop playing the dating game?

If you are looking for an experienced divorce attorney in Fresno, at the Law Office of Rick D. Banks, we understand that the decision to divorce is not an easy one. That’s why we offer a FREE, no obligation consultation. At your consultation, you will meet one-on-one with one of our experienced divorce attorneys. During the consultation, the attorney will evaluate your case and advise you of possible strategies and outcomes based on the facts of your case. The attorney will also explain to you how each step of the divorce process works as well as the cost to retain the Law Office of Rick D. Banks to represent you in your divorce case. 

Rick is the author of the #1 Bestselling book, Win Your Divorce, Emotionally, Financially and Socially.

Shirley Scott
Chapters from her novel, Red Poppy

Marianne Ellison
Chapters from her bestselling novel, Insane

Joseph Amiel
Chapters from his Two #1 Bestselling Novels
​What do murder, mystery, and S&M have in common? That's what Leigh Blake; popular society columnist for the Atlanta News is trying to find out. Two men offer help. One she doesn't trust with her secrets and the other may be the murderer. 

On New Year's Eve Leigh makes the hard news editor's short list to cover the first homicide of the year in Atlanta, Georgia. Her life is changed forever. Shocked by the violence of the crime, the attitude of the police she vows to get justice for the victim. 
Armed with just her instincts, and a brain that leaped from one place to another assimilating the smallest of details, Leigh with the help of her loyal friends, starts on a trail that leads her to the underbelly of Atlanta night life---the fetish clubs--a place where every fantasy was possible. 

The investigation has put Leigh on a collision course with a killer, and the clock is ticking. She has to solve the crime and halt a threat to her friends. Two men dog her every move, arrogant criminal defense attorney Dylan Foster and Assistant DA Scott Brady. Both seem determined to have her quit the case.

Leigh also has a dangerous secret. If her secret became known it could send her to jail, destroy her credibility, and she could end up as tomorrow's headline.
Marni Spencer-Devlin
Meditation Ebook
Lindy Tefft
Excerpt from I Married Mr. America
Patricia McLaine, World Famous Astrologer and PsychicPsychic
World Predictions 
Carole Little
Ebook:  Life in Mexico
Ann McIndoo
Writing on Demand for Authors
Laura Susan Johnson
Crush:  A Novel
Whether writing a book is a must for your business or a lifelong dream you have been yearning to fulfill, my promise is to show you how easy it is to prepare to write and begin writing. The outcome for this book is to show you how to prepare to write so you can get your book out of your head and onto the paper using a series of simple techniques. The truth is, you CAN write your own book. How? By knowing what to do first. This book is about what to do first – preparing yourself to write.  
Compelling and harrowing, as well as tender and delicate, Crush is the story of the lifelong love between two young men in Northern California, spanning from their childhoods in the 1980s to adolescence in the mid-1990s to the present, when they are both in their thirties. Tammy Mattheis and Jamie Pearce are soul-mates, unable to imagine life without each other. But fear of ridicule and hostility from their peers keeps them separated for sixteen years. When Tammy is abruptly summoned home by a family emergency, he is unavoidably reunited with Jamie. But old enemies are watching, and a devastating hate crime will ignite a bitter and wrenching battle between hatred and bigotry and love and acceptance.

Laura Susan Johnson has been writing since age eleven. Crush is her first published work. She lives in Idaho with her family and is currently creating her second novel of gay fiction. Use Coupon code MC78E

From Joseph Amiel, best-selling author of Birthright, Deeds, and Star Time, comes his most compelling work yet. A Question of Proof is a spell-binding and profoundly moving courtroom drama in which a lawyer struggles to defend the woman he loves against the accusation that she murdered her husband. 


Star Time is a gripping, fast-paced, fascinating, and sharply funny look at the inner workings of network television, the people whose lives it consumes, and the lengths they'll go to achieve success - their star time - that will hold readers enthralled and delighted until the very last word.​

​There's a serial killer working around Knoxville. Prostitutes are disappearing and then turning up dead - horribly tortured to death. The body count is climbing and detectives are getting frustrated by the lack of clues. No killer is that lucky or that careful. Detective Sedge Marin and his partner need to catch this guy before he can kill again!

"I did not know who the killer was till the very end. I had to really resist the urge to skip ahead and peek."... from a Reader.

"A spine-tingling story that hooked me quickly. I couldn't wait to find out what happens next."... from a Reader. 
Meditation Technique That Allows You To Meditate Anywhere, Anytime and Make Contact With The Giant Within (ebook $16.95 Value)

This book teaches you how to reach a quiet place no matter where you are or what is happening around you.

​What's it like behind closed doors with Mr. America? 
Step into the world of Lindy Tefft. Being raised by controlling parents that demanded perfection, she thought she was getting “Mr. Perfect” when she married body building superstar Greg Tefft. She soon found herself immersed in a world of duplicity, all-consuming competitiveness, violence, and greed. Her life was a roller-coaster of physical abuse and financial ruin. She crawled through a tunnel of terror she thought would never end and was forced to reach into the depths of her soul and finally break free. Lindy finds peace beyond the illusion of fame and riches. and offers an insightful hand-up to others facing the aftermath of abuse and despair.

Don’t miss this riveting, inspirational true story of personal redemption beyond trauma. 

​It is difficult to know exactly when some patterns will manifest in the physical world, or whether the events will have less or more impact in terms of what was sensed beforehand. I tend to be uncannily accurate sometimes, and at other times, I'm years off, with no way to know at the time a pattern is picked up. But my spirit guides tend to be highly accurate, regardless. Sometimes I almost don’t write things down. And then, when I do write them down they tend to happen. Sometimes it amazes even me when predictions come true, the same as you! This year many of last year's predictions will continue to be very important!

In the early 80’s, I was given the opportunity to participate in a teaching exchange program in Mexico and I jumped at the opportunity to become bilingual English/Spanish. The Hispanic population was steadily growing in the U. S. and being bilingual would make me much more effective in the social service field.

  Initially, I had contracted to spend two months in the tiny province of Orizaba, Veracruz but unbeknownst to me, the plan would change.

In the end, I learned much more than a second language.

  The subsequent story is a chapter taken from my bestselling memoir, Cutting the Strings..

 Linda Barnett-Johnson is a virtual assistant to authors, providing many marketing programs, social media work and editing services. She creates beautiful book trailers to help you market your books. She is offering a 20% discount on editing services. This offer is good through November 2012.
Alicia Isaacs
The Power of Unconditional Love

7 days of tips to get your intuition ripped and ready to give you answers, guidance and solve the problems you need help with in your life starts now.

The course was designed to get your intuition up to speed – fast!

You’ll get some of the best tips to prepare your mind to receive intuitive guidance, recognize how intuition comes through and receive practical experience.

Angela Artemis, an intuition coach, is on a mission to teach readers around the world to "speak intuition" so that they unlock all the brilliant potential that resides within and start living the life of their dreams now--not later. Her popular website, Powered by Intuition, is a rich source of information for readers wishing to learn how to use their intuition to create happy, successful and fulfilling lives.

Sue Urda
10 Transformation Tips for Women
Tips for Women. This ebook provides practical and inspirational guidance from 40 women who have lived lots of life, struggled at times and who are now thriving and enjoying each day and all that comes with it. Quick and Ease-y Transformation eir tips will help you do the same.

Our Network is founded upon the belief that Women are powerful creators, passionate and compassionate leaders, and the heart and backbone of our world's businesses, homes and communities. Our Mission is to empower women to find their inner wisdom, follow their passion and live rich authentic lives. Join us for business, personal and spiritual growth.

Check out all of the great bonuses you'll receive when you buy the book today!
Pam Lawhorne
The Social Entrepreneur:  Get More Traffic, Attract More Clients, Make More Money
What you are getting is my new 40+ page special report with the top 5 tactics that I personally use to get tons of traffic and clients to my own website.

In addition, the MP3 file is a copy of my highly attended traffic training webinar, where I show you how to use these strategies (plus more) to get access to an endless stream of free internet traffic.

Jennifer Brown Thomas
Chapters from Bestseller Blissful Lies, now a feature film!
Blissful Lies tells a heart-wrenching story exploring the enviable bonds of five best friends who, in the midst of growing up together, are just starting to realize how much they still have to learn about life. They quickly find the limits of their relationships are tested when secrets and lies rapidly interrupt their picture perfect existence, threatening the stability of years of friendship. At the center of their universe is mother to one group member and Brown-Thomas University Chancellor, Addison Hamilton. Uncertainty in her own life leads her down a path of no return as she finds herself a little too involved with someone many years her junior. While each person is forced to take responsibility for their hidden secret, they wonder if ultimately, it’s just too much to move forward as the ‘family’ they once claimed to be.